1. In my 30 plus years of living in Calgary, there has only been one other police Chief besides Roger Chaffin that’s attempted to get rid of the rotten apples, and break up the Old Boys Clubs that infested the service they presided over. That person was Christine Silverberg who was Chief of Police from 1995 to 2000.

2. Past Chief Rick Hanson and Chief Jack Beaton who came after Silverberg, made no attempt to overhaul the corruption and the good old boys network that was, and still is to a great extent, pandemic within the Calgary Police Service. In fact, quite the opposite, they encouraged corrupt and criminal acts by their members, and for those that were willing to participate more fully, promotion was their reward.

3. Hanson and Beaton both ensured that the Professional Standards Section of the Calgary Police Service would be housed with their rotten apples. Once they were in that section, they could protect the other rotten apples. How ironic is that, rotten apples responsible for investigating complaints against other rotten apples.

4. Once they knew, the rotten apples they’d placed in Professional Standards could be trusted to cover up fully for their fellow officers, those rotten apples were then promoted. Some of those rotten apples who thrived under them, still occupy senior positions within the Calgary Police Service.

5. The police, policing the police. Corrupt cops policing corrupt cops. Organized crime in the sublime, it’s poetry in motion. And the people that were to suffer were the citizens of Calgary, and especially those citizens that had the misfortune to run into them.

Much more to follow: