JUNE 2022 – SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE – PROOF: What’s already been published on many of my eleven unchallenged websites is enough to get successful prosecutions. And prosecutions would’ve already happened, were many of these individuals not police officers, their cohorts, or individuals who are also being protected by police officers and their cohorts.

JUNE 2022: This site exposes how John Dooks, who is an ex Calgary cop and now the manager of investigations for the Law Society of Alberta (LSA) personally took control of, then orchestrated and manipulated the outcome, of an investigation into Calgary lawyer Rodney W. MacKenzie. Complaint CO20180961:

RODNEY W. MACKENZIE – LSA Complaint CO20180961: MacKenzie held himself out to be an expert criminal appeals lawyer. When in fact MacKenzie was no expert at all. What MacKenzie had was a scam, whereby he got himself onto the roster of Legal Aid where he could get files assigned to his office. Then he’d bill Legal Aid for work he had never done, and more importantly work he was not qualified to do. That’s fraud over $5,000.00 for starters.

MACKENZIE: As part of his fraudulent activity MacKenzie got Legal Aid to assign him my files: To have my conviction and sentencing of one count of criminal harassment (Det. Mercer) of a police officer and 2 counts of obstruction of justice (Det. Mercer & Det. Frizzell) of a police officer, reversed. Needless to say both appeals were denied.

With the amount of evidence that John Dooks was given, Rodney MacKenzie should’ve been seriously suspended/disbarred by the Law Society of Alberta.

WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD: Why did John Dooks go out of his way, to personally take control of my complaints against Rodney MacKenzies handling of my appeals and the fraud of obtaining money from Legal Aid by deception.

FOR STARTERS: Frizzell and Mercer were his friends, all ex Calgary cops. Frizzell was working with Dooks as an investigator at the LSA. Had Dooks found MacKenzie guilty, MacKenzie would have been seriously suspended or disbarred. New appeals would be set, my convictions would be overturned and John Dook’s buddies and others, would be looking at serious repercussions, and rightly so.

Famous Astronomer Carl Sagan is the author of this famous quote, he used it many times, ”extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” well I have that and so does the LSA.

2022 is not going to be a very good year for the office of the General Counsels at the Law Society of Alberta (the LSA). The Law Society have known for a very long, long time, that their manager of investigations, one John Dooks (also an ex Calgary cop) is as corrupt as they come. And they also know that the evidence proving that, is as ugly as it is obvious. Because they have that evidence.

And that evidence is irrefutable and very damning evidence, detailing past, present & ongoing crooked, criminal and corrupt acts, and those acts are being covered up by their General Counsels office and beyond.

Good people know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and they choose to do what’s good. Bad people also know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, but they choose to do what’s bad. The bad people that will be profiled on this website, are very, very, bad people.

This website would not be operational IF the Law Society upper echelons were not still engaged in their corrupt, crooked and criminal acts in furtherance of their ongoing attempts at their mother of all cover ups.

My name is John Ned Kelly. I’m 65 years old, and I’ve lived in Calgary Alberta since 1988. I’m a Para-Legal (since1992), a consultant, investigator, researcher and much more. Prior to my emigrating to Calgary, I served honorably and with distinction in the British Army, whilst in Calgary I served with the Canadian forces reserves.

Much more coming soon.  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca

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