UPDATED 22nd November 2019: There is ongoing criminal corruption within the Law Society of Alberta. That John Dook’s the manager of investigations is corrupt, is as ugly as it is obvious. Is that corruption contained within the investigation branch that Dook’s controls, or does it extend further. 

Does that corruption go all the way up into the offices of the Generals Counsel (under Paule Armeneau and Nancy Bain’s), does it then flow from there into the offices of the Board and the President of the Law Society… that we shall soon see

One thing is for sure, if they allow Dook’s to continue operating, and do not take immediate action, then the answer is a resounding yes.  What is also a resounding yes, is that John Dook’s is corrupt and is committing criminal acts. The evidence is irrefutable and very very damning. 

 1. This website and its contents is being published as a direct result of four (4) very lengthy meetings with John Dook’s, the manager of Investigations for the Law Society of Alberta, three of those lengthy meetings were tape recorded. Further, boxes of evidence, 6 months of texts, multiple e-mails, notes, correspondences and much more were also handed over to Dooks. 

Right from the start of the complaint process for file #CO20180961 Dook’s took complete control. These were very serious complaints filed with the Law Society against one of their lawyer members, that also had serious repercussions for past and present cops of the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP and others.

Dook’s repeatedly promised that he would do the right thing. He said it didn’t matter to him, if it was a dirty lawyer or a dirty cop, he would do his job. Dook’s Lied.. Dook’s investigation took close to 15 months. (must be a record) (more to follow)

2. Dook’s actions are not surprising given that Dooks is also an ex Detective with the Calgary Police, and a past President of the police association. Dook’s is also an ex partner of Frizzell’s in the Calgary Police Serice. AND ex crooked cop Spencer Frizzell now works with Dook’s at the Law Society as his second in command. (this is the old boys club in action).

3. That John Dook’s went to very great lengths to suppress and obstruct justice in a Law Society investigation of a crooked lawyer is also no surprise. Given that the investigation into this crooked member of the Law Society, also puts crooked ex cop Spencer Frizzell, and other past and present members of the Calgary Police Service in severe jeopardy.

4. Even though Dooks had and still does have, overwhelming evidence in his possession, that supports all of the facts being published about the corrupt and crooked exploits of the Law Society member. Dooks decided to obstruct justice in his own investigation. (the old boys club in action yet again).   

5. At this moment in time, the only thing stopping ex Detective Spencer Frizzell from being arrested, charged and brought before the courts, is the crooked cops still active in the Calgary Police Service, as well as people like ex Detective John Dooks and others.

6. Dooks and Frizzell, as well as many others, are aware of the presence of this and the other website(s), they’re named on. None of these individuals have undertaken any action to shut down my sites, request the published  contents be removed, and much more importantly, have never provided one shred of evidence that anything that has been published is false, even when asked to do so. 

7. Make no mistake, what is going to be published on this site will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any civil court, or any criminal court of law, the individuals and organizations that will be named on here, know this to be true.

” Because the irrefutable difference between false allegations and the truth, is proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up “.

8. The sheer depth and breadth of their lies, cover ups, corrupt and criminal acts are astounding. They’ve plowed and continue to plow Double Decker Buses, right through the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

They’ve orchestrated and continue to orchestrate a total corruption of the justice system in Alberta. They still believe to this day, that they can get away with the corrupt and criminal acts they’ve committed and those they intend to continue to commit, after all who polices the police… ?


Much more coming soon.  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca

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