MARCH 2024: Angela Whitney the former HR director of the Calgary Police Service (the CPS), has opened up an hornets nest by repeatedly going public and exposing the CPS for what they truly are.

MARCH 2024: Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld has filed a Statement of Claim against Whitney, attempting to get the courts to issue an Order to shut her up. The CPS are not denying that Whitney is telling the truth, but they are stating that they had her sign an agreement not to tell the truth.

SHAWN CORNETT the Chair of the Calgary Police Commission has also gone public, and in a statement given to the media Cornett referenced the following;

Shawn Cornett began Wednesday’s meeting with a chair’s report, and in it she mentioned the third-party review. She referenced work that began in 2011 to review the CPS workplace culture, 2013 workplace audit recommendations that hadn’t been implemented and employee surveys from as far back as 2016 that showed concerns about the Calgary police workplace.

IN THAT NUTSHELL STATEMENT Cornett has damned the Calgary Police Service, validated what Angela Whitney has exposed, and validated everything that I have authored and published on my websites. Much More Coming

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