MARCH 2019: On this website I’ll be exposing an ex crooked and corrupt Calgary Police Detective, Spencer Frizzell. Also being exposed will be his co-conspirators who aided and abetted Frizzell in his criminal enterprises. All whilst committing many corrupt and criminal acts of their own.

1. This is being done as a direct result of four (4) very lengthy meetings I’ve had with ex Detective Frizzells latest co-conspirator, another ex Detective of the Calgary Police Service, John Dooks.

2. John Dooks is currently manager of Investigations for the Law Society of Alberta, and Spencer Frizzell is currently John Dook’s second in command at that same Law Society. 

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.

3. John Dook’s is going to very great lengths to suppress and obstruct justice in a Law Society investigation he has taken complete control of. He is doing this, as that investigation puts Spencer Frizzell in severe jeopardy.

4. Dooks has overwhelming evidence in his possession, supporting all of the facts being published about Frizzells crooked exploits, but instead of doing the right thing, Dooks has instead decided to vigorously defend Frizzell’s corrupt, crooked and criminal acts, as not his fault (this is the old boys club in action).   

5. At this moment in time, the only thing stopping ex Detective Spencer Frizzell from being arrested, charged and brought before the courts, is the crooked cops still active in the Calgary Police Service, as well as people like ex Detective John Dooks and others.

6. Dooks and Frizzell, as well as many others, are aware of the presence of this and the other website(s), they’re named on. None of these individuals have undertaken any action to shut down my sites, request the published  contents be removed, and much more importantly, have never provided one shred of evidence that anything that has been published is false, even when asked to do so. 

7. Make no mistake, what is going to be published on this site will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any civil court, or any criminal court of law, the individuals and organizations that will be named on here, know this to be true.

Much more coming soon.  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca

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