Integrity Commissioner

1. A formal complaint was filed with the Integrity Commissioner at Calgary City Hall against Evan Woolley Councillor for Ward eight. This investigation would have reached into other offices, including the Mayors office, Councillors offices, the Depts of the City Solicitor and Corporate Security as well as those named on this and my other websites.

After declaring a conflict of interest the Integrity Commissioner stated….

” The matter is still being discussed but the likely result will be the appointment of an Independent Investigator “.

2. Then the Integrity Commissioner informed me that, after his discussions with the City Legal Department no investigation will be conducted at all. (more to follow)

3. Make no mistake, City Hall, like the others named, are now fully embroiled in their cover ups. These cover ups are also fueled by fears that an investigation will result in class action lawsuits as well as multiple criminal charges being laid against their own. (more to follow)

4. Evan Woolley is the Councillor for Calgary’s ward 8. Evan was first elected in 2013 and he is also my Councillor. Evan is fully aware of the contents of all of my websites, and also that the contents published are true.

5. Evan is also aware of the hardship and damage that has been inflicted upon not only the citizens of his ward, but also the citizens of the other 13 Calgary wards, as a result of the actions of the individuals I have named.

6. I have since January 2018, repeatedly asked Evan Woolley for his assistance, his office assistant promised he would get back to me,  and I’m still waiting.

Much more to follow on this: