This page will name those who along with ex Detective Spencer Frizzell were not only members of the criminal conspiracy weaved by Chief Rick Hanson, but were also involved in committing many corrupt and criminal acts of their own.

1. In early 2010 then Chief Rick Hanson of the Calgary Police Service started in motion a criminal conspiracy. Hanson’s point man in the latest criminal conspiracy by Hanson and his gang, was then A/Ssgt Rick Tuza of the Calgary Homicide Unit.

2. On the 16th Day of March 2010, an e-mail was sent by then A/Ssgt Rick Tuza of the Calgary Police Homicide Unit, to then Sgt Bartley of the RCMP Lethbridge Major Crimes Division.

” Hello Sgt Bartley, Superintendent Ken Marchant contacted me today and advised me that you will be in charge of the investigation initiated by Chief Hanson. Supt. Marchant encouraged me to contact you so that you would have a contact here in Major Crimes. Should you require any assistance, materials, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will give you a call tomorrow. Respectfully Rick Tuza ”

3. This would be the first of many e-mails, meetings and interactions between these two which would then encapsulate others into this criminal conspiracy. They found other like minded, crooked and corrupt cops and individuals who were only to willing to be part of this gang, and assist in the crimes being committed and the cover ups that followed.

4. The following are just some of the willing participants who have not been profiled on my published websites to date. But, they will be profiled on this and other websites, in the near future, and named in future legal actions.

CALGARY POLICE SERVICE: Rick Hanson, Rick Tuza, Doug Andrus, Cliff O’Brien, Rick Tuza, Spencer Frizzell, Joe Brar, Murray Stooke, Ken Marchant, Joel Matthews, Richard Veldhoen, Greg Johnson, Barrett, Gervais, Catherine Light. (more names to come)

CALGARY POLICE COMMISSION: Mike Shaikh, Shirley Heafey, Patricia Tolpannen. (more names to come)

LAWYERS: Robert Fenton, Paul Tolley, John Phillips, Karen Hewitt, Gregory Stirling, Bryan Holtby, Jennifer Rees. (more names to come)

RCMP: Murray Bartley, Doug Wattie, Gamlen, Tony Hamori, Marlin DeGrand, Pumphret, Peter Ormshaw, Todd Shean, Maryanne Ryan. (more names to come)

CANADA SERVICE CORRECTIONS: Including the Parole Board of Canada and the Community Parole officers and associated staff. For names please click onto the link to below.

Much more on the co-conspirators coming soon:

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