Calgary Soccer

1. I have a blog on the internet under the title

2. I stopped that blog on or about the 27th May 2007, as I’d been promised by Colin Linford the then President of the Canadian Soccer Association, as well as Executive members Victor Montagliani, Mike Traficante and Vincent Ursini, that the Calgary Soccer Federation and their member organizations, and other entities, were going to be fully investigated, and they would hold accountable all of those responsible for any wrongdoings.

Silly me I believed them.

3. I added to that blog with a better website in 2008 which was not a blog. This new website and others were a casualty of the actions of Ex Chief Rick Hanson, that you can read about on My site has stayed up throughout.

It is still a good read and many, many, rotten apples are named….

4. If you want copies of the websites that were a casualty of Ex Chief Rick Hanson then please e-mail me at and provide me with a contact name and number.

5. What will be exposed in the near future, will show how these individuals actions, separately and also collectively, contributed to the extreme damage done to Calgary Soccer and beyond. The following is just a snip bit of what they were up to by 2006.

(a) Financial statements falsified yearly;
(b) Annual reports falsified yearly;
(c) Auditors reports totally ignored;
(d) Pervasive theft of gate monies, till monies, product;
(e) Employee fraud and theft;
(f) Misappropriation of funds;
(g) Misappropriation of inventory;
(h) Gross Financial mismanagement;
(i) Fraudulent claims submitted to Govt agencies;
(j) Monies missing from Casino accounts;
(k) Individuals illegally elected to the Board;
(l) Membership lied to on a regular basis;
(m) Donors and sponsors lied to;
(n) False statements filed with the Police;
(o) Government Officials & Agencies lied to;
(p) Auditors reports totally ignored;
(q) Directors and Family members hired to paid positions;

6. The City of Calgary and the others named on this site knew all of this. Yet they allowed them to carry on doing this under their watch on City Land for another 6 years, until December 2012.

7. This is what Diane Colley Urquhart had to say whilst attending an event at the Calgary Soccer Center in the October 2014, regarding the City’s takeover of the land and the facility ”  We inherited quite a mess here a coupla years ago ”.

That’s an understatement of gigantic proportions.

8. To this day, the City of Calgary, the Calgary Police, the Police Commission, the RCMP, the Canadian Soccer Association and others, know that it’s still going on.

Much more to follow: