The Courts

This page will clearly set out the position of myself regarding the future legal actions to be commenced, both Civil and Criminal that will be brought against several organizations and individuals. The Civil suits will be filed at the Court of Queens Bench Calgary, the Criminal complaints to be filed, will be dealt with by the appropriate Government Agencies. Breaches of professional conduct complaints will be filed with the appropriate Governing Agencies.

1. Criminality is defined in the dictionary as behavior that is contrary to or forbidden by criminal law. This page will highlight the criminal behavior committed by those named on this site, such criminal behavior that is forbidden by criminal law. These individuals are senior law enforcement offices past and present, yet committed fully to those criminal behaviors.

2. The sections of the Criminal Code of Canada that the individuals named on this website committed, will vary from Individual to Individual. But this is an initial summary of the criminal code offences committed.

3. The Criminal Code offences detailed below are serious offences. This list does not include the violations that have been committed that fall under the Police Act, or the many other Acts and Regulations the named individuals are required to adhere to, by law.


Section 21: Parties to an offence.
Section 22: Person counselling offence.
Section 128: Misconduct by officers.
Section 131: Misleading justice.
Section 137: Fabricating evidence.
Section 139: Obstructing justice.
Section 464: Counselling offence not committed.
Section 465: Conspiracy.

Sections also dealing with perjury, suborning perjury, breach of trust, and more.

Very Important Note: Section 465 (1) (b) (c) and (d) clearly spells out that every one who conspires with any one, to prosecute a person for an alleged offence, knowing that he did not commit that offence, is guilty of an indictable offence.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: Obstruction of Justice is any conduct where the intention is to interfere with the fair administration of justice. This can be done by corruptly influencing, or by obstructing or by impeding proceedings. When you influence anyone by a lie, or a misleading statement, or when you withhold or destroy information. Obstruction of Justice is a serious offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Much more to follow: 

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