The location is the Alberta Court of Appeal Calgary. Three (3) Justices are there to hear an appeal of a conviction for criminal harassment whereby a sentence of two (2) years had been given. Six (6) days later they issue their memorandum of judgment.

That memorandum contains Ten (10) numbered paragraphs over Three (3) pages. How many errors would you reasonably expect there to be in that memorandum. I might be biased here, but I would vote for none.

I would be wrong, seriously wrong. Right off the bat, Right outta the gate, the first few lines of that memorandum, the Justices state the appellant interfered with witnesses That’s Not True: They state that the appellant sabotaged a planned undercover operation That’s Not True: They further state that the appellant filed a complaint with the police in 2003 That’s Not True: They state that the appellant harassed the investigating police officer for nearly a decade That’s Also Not True.

That’s four outright lies published by three Justices of the Alberta Court of Appeal in the span of the first five (5) lines of their memorandum of judgment. And the lies just continue from there. Needless to say they denied the appeal.

Is it fair to say that the Justices are crooked and corrupt. Or is it more fair to say that the Justices relied on the information given to them within that hearing process, when they wrote that judgment. Garbage In Garbage Out..

In this instance the Garbage In was presented to the Justices by Julie Morgan of the Calgary Crown Prosecutors Office. The Garbage Out courtesy of three Appeal Court Justices…. more to follow….