How it Began

1. In the spring of 2000, Councillor Ray Jones of the City of Calgary, concerned with what he’d been hearing regarding the mismanagement, theft, fraudulent claims and level of corruption in Calgary soccer, sat me in his office and asked me to look into the Calgary Soccer Federation and it’s member organizations.

2. I conducted an investigation, prepared a report, gave that to Ray Jones and from there it went to my Alderman David Bronconnier, all of the other Alderman and Mayor Al Duerrs office.  They were so concerned at the contents of the report, specifically Jones, Jon Lord, Ray Clark and David Bronconnier, that the report went to the City law dept and I met with Paul Tolley, a City lawyer, who later became City Solicitor.

3. I gave Tolley further evidence and materials at our meeting(s) and he was so concerned he contacted the commercial crimes section of the Calgary Police Service, and directed them to begin an investigation, this was in the May of 2001.

4. They were three months into the investigation when it was stopped from proceeding by the same Paul Tolley who had ordered it be done in the first place.  Ssgt DeBruyn of commercial crimes told me that Tolley stopped it because the investigation was heading back into City Hall.

(a) DeBruyn told me the only way to get it restarted was to take it to Court of Queen’s Bench and get an Order to compel the police to do the investigation.

5. I filed an application at the courthouse in the 1st week of October. The 2001 Civic election was 10 days away. After I served the City and the police, I was contacted by a lawyer from the City law department as well as David Bronconnier who was running for Mayor and asked if I would delay the application until after the election. Bronconnier also promised me that if he won he would make sure a full investigation would be done.

6. After Bronconnier became Mayor Bronconnier, he reneged on his promise, later stating that he had no choice as he was being effectively muzzled by Paul Tolley of the Legal Dept. Paul Tolley later became David Bronconniers City Solicitor. Throughout Bronconniers term as Mayor (2001 to 2010) the corruption, theft, frauds and criminal acts continued unabated.

(a) Councillor Ray Jones also stated he had been effectively muzzled by Tolley.

(b) Jon Lord and others continued to assist me, until they to informed me that they had also been muzzled by the City Legal Department. More on them later.

(c) Alderman Ray Clark who ran for Mayor in 2001, along with others at City Hall and beyond, also continues to assist me.

7. In the December of 2001 I was contacted by commercial crime who stated they had been directed to contact me by Chief Jack Beaton regarding my court application, Calgary soccer, and the stopped DeBruyn investigation. I met with two Detectives for over 4 hours (taped) the week before Xmas.

8. In the January of 2002, the Detectives began two investigations to run parallel with each other. By the end of March there had been two more lengthy interviews with the Detectives totaling a further 6 hours (taped).

(a) They stated that the investigation was going well and assured me that at the end of the investigation charges would be laid. Based on all of their promises I withdrew my application from the courts.

(b) On or about July of 2002 I contacted the Detectives stating that I had more materials they could look at. I was told that they had enough evidence to proceed, that both files had gone to the Crown prosecutors office with recommendations that charges be laid.  That the Crown prosecutors would review the file, and if they needed more evidence they would contact me, but they had been assured that charges would be brought.

9. By October of 2002 I was starting to get really suspicious, so I contacted the Crown prosecutors office by phone, and spoke to Photini Papadatou, and she stated she had never heard of me, or the Calgary Soccer Federation, or any criminal files. And that if I had any concerns to contact the Detectives.

(a) I then contacted commercial crimes only to be told that they no longer worked there, they had been reassigned to District 8. I left messages for the Detectives at District 8 but received no reply.

(b) From the October of 2002 to the February of 2003 I had many e-mail contacts and correspondences with the Crown prosecutors office, and ultimately the Director for Special prosecutions in Edmonton, Greg Lepp.

(c) This resulted in me receiving a phone call on the 26th day of February 2003 from one of the Detectives. He stated that no further action was going to be taken on the criminal investigations, and that he would not be giving me a letter explaining why or any reason at all.

(d) I then began accessing documents and materials via F.O.I.P. requests. I also put up a blog on the internet which is still there today.

(e) I also sent 3 open letters to Chief Jack Beaton and also provided him with six sworn Affidavits. Those Affidavits containing documents. This resulted in me meeting with then Inspector Brian Whitelaw of Professional Standards in the February of 2004.

10. What will be published next is the extent that the City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Service went to, in order to stop any of this from coming out, even to this day they continue to do so.

Much more to follow: