1. This page along with others to be published, will uncover the great lengths that John Dooks is going too, in order to suppress, interfere and obstruct justice, in investigations that Dooks is conducting into a member of the Law Society of Alberta.

Ex Detective John Dooks of the Calgary Police Service is at present the Manager of Investigations for the Law Society of Alberta. And Dooks is also a past President of the Calgary Police Association.

2. John Dooks is caught between a rock and a hard place. This is because irrefutable evidence was presented to Dooks, in four (4) lengthy meetings, also via extensive documentation, many documents and materials sent via e-mail and within phone calls.

3. Irrefutable evidence that clearly show that ex Detective Spencer Frizzell, Dooks second in command in the Investigations Department Law Society of Alberta, is also an ex crooked and corrupt cop, who committed many criminal acts.


4. In one lengthy meeting I had with Dooks, he stated to the effect that Frizzell could not be held accountable for any of the bogus criminal charges that had been filed against me as Frizzell had not been the one to sign the many charge sheets presented to the court, wherein Frizzell was named.

5. Later on that same day, Dooks further stated in an e-mail exchange ” I asked who laid the charges and you advised the RCMP laid the charges. I said it is reasonable then, he (Frizzell) had nothing to do with the wording of the charges or ensuring if the dates were correct or not. ”

6. John Dooks was solely blaming the RCMP for the bogus criminal charges laid against me as a result of the criminal actions of Frizzell.

7. The only defence John Dooks a seasoned Detective and past President of the Calgary Police Association could come up with, in defence of Frizzells criminal and corrupt acts, is that the charge sheet(s) were signed by officer(s) from the RCMP and not Frizzell.

8. My response to Dooks was this… ” If you (Dooks) are standing by that assumption, would you also come to the assumption that if Frizzell was well aware of the charges being laid, and knew the dates were bogus, a lie not true, and knew that the charges were bogus, a lie not true, and did nothing about it. Then he (Frizzell) committed criminal act(s). ”

VERY IMPORTANT: Ex Detective John Dooks still refuses to answer to that and many more important questions placed to him. Dooks has also refused outright to provide copies of the tape recordings of our meetings and other materials.

9. Numerous times Dooks has refused to provide the contact information of his superiors, made numerous promises then broke them, made numerous statements then retracted them, and much more. (details to follow)

10.  For clarity, I’ve made many requests for Dooks to remove himself from these matters. However despite the very serious conflicts of interest and despite John Dooks being named in documents, he has steadfastly refused to do so.

11. At the start of his investigation, John Dooks promised that he would do the right thing. He said it didn’t matter if it was a dirty lawyer or a dirty cop, he would do his job. 

12. Yet John Dooks is now into the 2nd year of this investigation. (must be a record) , an investigation that is now placing other corrupt cops in as much jeopardy as Frizzell.

13. John Dooks left the police service in 2012.

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